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Real BI has both Human Resources (HR) and Industrial Relations (IR) experts. Policies, rule, regulations and award clause need impact analysis before implementation and during negotiations. We can help your organisation prepare itself with impact analysis of new or varied policies, rule, regulations and award clauses, during conciliations and negotiation processes. We provide impact analysis on financials, employee profiling, recruitment practices, professional standards issues and generate what if scenarios.

Employee Profiling

  • Analyse the impact of changes in work practice on employees
  • Influences to recruitment practices

Analytics to support IR

  • Cost benefit (financial and non-financial) analysis of proposed change to award conditions
  • Creating what if scenarios for all identified variables
  • Tracking measures that indicate performance, post award implementation

Professional Standards issues

    • Analysis or length, severity, type of issues, frequency and origin
    • Recommendation on solutions for common issues
    • Provide greater insight into the cause of the issue

Financial Modelling

    • Determine budgetary confines
    • Build revenue and/or saving and expenditure models

Employee entitlement analysis

    • Provide employee analytics on entitlements such as leave
    • Identification of abuse of entitles

Analysis of employee performance

    • Consolidation of various data source such as SAP, rostering modules, success factors, etc., to provide performance at an employee level

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