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Workforce Planning Analytics

Workforce Planning Analytics

Our expertise in Workforce Planning covers a broad range of functions including succession planning, job design & creating efficient organisational structures, demand analysis, governance, capacity planning & management and trend analysis & benchmarking. We have experienced working with a broad range of organisations who have appreciated our industry leading skill set in attaining their business objectives. A key highlight is our expertise in creating and maintaining a balanced scorecard, delivering the ability to drill-down into detailed operational KPIs in with slice-and-dice and analysis capabilities.

Succession Planning

Determine growth in areas using key metrics and resourcing these growth areas with appropriate skills

Demand Analysis

Identification of the right mix of resources to achieve required productivity at the lowest cost

Trend Analysis, Benchmarking & Forecasting

Visualising key organisational trends to allow the business to forecast their future requirements and actions e.g. recruitment, restructures and increase in capacity

Creation of Organisational Structure and Job Design

Accredited in two major job design methodologies, CED and Hays

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